Reduce Creatinine level by using Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

Creatinine level is a common subject in regular blood test. It’s a chemical produced by normal muscle function, and will passes through the kidneys to be filtered and eliminated in urine. The amount of creatinine is directly related to your total muscle amount and the function of blood filtration. That’s why it’s been used as a measurement of kidneys function. What if the blood test shows the creatinine too high? Does that mean kidney failure? Is there a way to reduce the creatinine back to normal by Chinese herb and acupuncture? Here is the case:

The lady came in because of her blood test showed creatinine level was higher than normal range. In the mean time she also suffered of tinnitus of both ears. The doctor asked her to do another blood test two weeks later. She decided to come in and looking for acupuncture and natural herb remedy to help her.

Since the doctor told her the creatinine is a measurement of kidneys function. She thought her kidneys might have some kind of problem. So when she came in, she asked me what could be the cause of her problem? We went through several possible scenarios which could lead to kidneys damage but could not found any in her recent daily activities.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis is totally different from modern western medicine system. It checks patient in several ways: by checking the appearance, smell, voice, pulse, and by asking the patients question about symptoms and life style. After we went through detail Chinese medicine diagnosis for her, all indications were point to liver, not kidneys. Could liver issues cause the kidney problems? In Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, the answer is Yes. The unbalance in one organ system could affect others, especially the ones have direction relationship to it. The two organs have direction relation to kidneys are liver and lungs. Therefore, even the tinnitus and high creatinine are common symptoms in kidneys problem, the root cause in her case is triggered by the liver.

After the first week of treatment with Chinese herb formula and acupuncture, the patient found her tinnitus getting better. She can only hear it when the outside environment is quiet. The improvement is also a poof that the diagnosis and treatment is on the right track. When she came back on the second week, she brought the good news: the second blood test showed creatinine level is back to normal range, and the tinnitus was gone as well.

Acupuncture is well know to be benefit for pain treatment, but many people don’t know it is also very efficient to treating disease or internal organs unbalance. This case is a very good example to shows how Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture can work beside of western medicine system, and provide a unique view of understand the nature of human body. For the people who are suffered in different health issues but have no good result in western medicine, you should try the Chinese medicine and Acupuncture. You might be surprised by the efficiency of ancient wisdom.

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