Bio 醫師簡介

Dr. Chao-Cheng Yeh is a licensed acupuncturist and practice both acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in California. He holds a M.S. in Chinese Medicine from the University of East-West Medicine and a Ph.D. degree in Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture from American Liberty University. Dr. Yeh also learned acupuncture skills from world renowned Chinese Medicine master Dr. Hai-Sha Ni and the most respected acupuncturist in Taiwan Dr. Zuo-Yu Zhou.

Before entering into medical services, Dr. Yeh was an experienced engineer. He worked for Broadcom and other high-tech companies for many years. He received his M.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Northwestern University in Illinois and is equipped with a superior ability to think logically and investigate problems deeply. His engineering background proves to be very useful in his medical practice.

His specialties include pain relief, insomnia, asthma, sinusitis, respiratory conditions, and other common illnesses. He is also certified for many other alternative healing methods including Reiki, Reconnection and Hypnotherapy, which he is more than happy to integrate into his treatment plans upon patients’ requests.
The story of his career change is also remarkable. His family had many health issues such as eczema, insomnia, allergy, stomachache, sinusitis, and other chronic problems. After years of traditional Western treatments without much improvement, he devoted himself to studying alternative medicines to help his own family. Through his dedication, his family left the shadow of illness and is enjoying the beauty of life again. Dr. Yeh knows that there are many people like his family, looking for good alternative treatments and a healthy life.

“If you have health problems and cannot get satisfying results from traditional medical treatments, please remember that you do have a choice. You don’t have to go through the same long journey of searching like I did. I am here to offer what I found and learned. If it can help us, it can help you too. That’s what we believe and continue to improve myself for,” says Dr. Yeh.

Pain (headache, shoulder pain, upper or lower back pain, knee pain etc.) and stress relief, Dizziness and insomnia, Asthma, sinusitis, and other respiratory conditions
Common illnesses like eating or sleeping disorder, acid reflux, heart burn, diabetes, hypertension, hypotension, irregular heartbeat etc.

Dr. Yeh is teaching classes for DAOM (Doctorate of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine) student in University of East-West Medicine. He is also certified for many other alternative healing methods including Reiki, Reconnection and Hypnotherapy.

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